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About Ann...

I was always fascinated by Homeopathy and after trying it during pregnancy, I was hooked! As a new mum I was supported and reassured by a wonderful, trusted homeopath through the ups and downs of childhood illnesses - and still am! I became so intrigued by its positive effects that I decided to study it. I went back to university and did a BSc whilst my babies were tiny and I was juggling performing in West End Shows (Joseph, Evita and Love Never Dies) in London, with family life. I was known as the violinist who always had multiple medical books strewn out on the floor by my seat in the pit as I waited for a break in the music when I could read and read. There were many late nights...


Although the bulk of my practice is now international and online, I live in Hertfordshire with my husband and two children and through my clinical practise I have become more and more interested (and concerned about) young people's mental health. In 2018 I started a Mindful Music Practice within the City of London Sinfonia Orchestra and this became a new arm of my therapeutic life and an essential new area of exploration within that organisation. I have led countless workshops combining live music, mindfulness techniques and meditation. I have developed a beautiful animation for young people which teaches them all about mindful breathing within a mindfulness session. This resource is currently being put to use in schools and I continue to expand its reach and usefulness. I love this area of my life and work. If there is anything I can do to ease the pressure on teachers and pupils by giving them resources which enable them to learn more about their bodies and understand their mental health, then I am achieving my aims.

I also have a special interest in supporting patients with hormonal issues of every kind - in particular PCOS. This has brought me into contact with the full spectrum of hormonal disorders and I have developed my clinical approach using a comprehensive hormone questionnaire which patients find extremely helpful in identifying exactly what is out of balance in their hormonal journey. I am therefore able to offer long term support and significant change as they proceed towards better balance and wellbeing.


I have experience helping patients with chronic arthritis and also have some personal experience of it, having had a hip replacement at a relatively young age.  I now walk and exercise hard with the help of my bionic joint and homeopathy supports me too. I am an active member of a dedicated Facebook group 'Homeopathy for Arthritis1 which offers a wealth of information for those struggling with this difficult condition.

When I'm not working I love spending time walking my dog Meg in the beautiful Hertfordshire countryside around my home. I have a gorgeous 16 yr old cat called  Georgie. I also love gardening and cooking. I am also very interested in contemporary art and sculpture and If I'm performing or presenting workshops in cities across the world you will always find me in the nearest galleries feeding my soul.

I hope that by coming to see me for support you will learn that homeopathy is all about enabling you to find your way, with skilled support, towards optimum health. In my case as a practitioner this means offering an opportunity for in-depth personal interaction backed up by rigorous clinical knowledge and understanding. I want my patients to leave their consultations feeling confident that they have been heard and I want them to be fully engaged in their planned homeopathic treatment which is perfectly tailored to them as individuals. I welcome all ages, from all countries and really  look forward to welcoming you to my international clinic. Consultations can be conducted via Zoom so you can reach me from anywhere in the world.


I recently gave a ten minute interview in which I talk about homeopathy, why I am passionate about it and why I chose this additional career path. If you would like to listen please click here. You may also want to visit my theraputic Music & Mindfulness Website to find out more about me at

If you are unsure about an initial visit to a homeopath, go to my FAQ's page or simply email or call me with any questions you may have.

I would be happy to discuss any particular issues in confidence so book your free slot today through this website.


Click the link above to find out about Ann's
Music and 
Mindfulness Practice.

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