Helpful People

This page is all about acknowledging the special people who have helped me in my personal and professional journey. Its also a celebration of incredible talent and a treasure trove for you to explore!

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 As a feng shui consultant and teacher for nearly three decades, Lorraine is always excited to witness how changing a few things in someone's space result in swift and positive changes to their life.

feng shui can create change with -
  • Money worries

  • Attracting a romantic relationship

  • Poor sleep, waking up tired

  • Creating a home office

  • A change of career or job

  • Feeling that you are overlooked, unheard, invisible!

  • Nursery or child's bedroom layout

  • Lack of  opportunity

  • Arguments with family or friends,

  • Lost your mojo

  • Noisy neighbours

  • Can’t sell your house

  • Legal issues

  • Blocked creativity

  • Poor body image

  • Moving to a new home

  • Lack direction

Leaf Pattern Design

I approached Lorraine recently when I felt as if I was stuck with both my home and my work / life balance. She told me I was suffering from 'energy in, energy out' meaning that everything I put my energy into seemed to just disappear into the ether. I was getting tired and worn down. Lorraine took me on a magical Feng Shui journey which enabled me to see things a lot more clearly. She is a remarkable listener and she understands how to make practical sense of the world of Feng Shui in a way that is deeply personal.


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