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Working with Ann
What to expect at your first consultation

Your first consultation lasts around 75 minutes. I can see you in person or via Zoom or FaceTime depending on where you are in the world. Its really important to put aside some quiet time when you are not likely to be disturbed. You will be asked about your present complaint, your medical history, your medications, your immediate family's medical history and any other questions that help me to put together a picture of you so I can prescribe accurately in order to help you.


All clinical records are stored confidentially according to the standards and code of ethics of the Society of Homeopaths. See their website for details.

At the end of the consultation I will send you a prescription which will include details about where to purchase your remedies and information about storage, potency and dose.

An individual personal plan for your health will be discussed with you and a follow up appointment arranged around 2 to 8 weeks later depending on your needs


Your follow up appointment is around 30 minutes and allows me to judge your reaction to your initial prescription before continuing your treatment. It is important to understand that a long term illness can take some months to resolve and that you may require more than one homeopathic prescription on your healing journey. Family follow up appointments can be arrange by request. Please ask.

You can make payment in US Dollars, GBP or Euros by Paypal, Stripe or via Bank Transfer. After the consultation you will receive an email with details of how to make payment. Please ask me about paying in advance for bundles of consults.

Your Prescription will be emailed to you with all the details you need to purchase your remedy locally and instructions about how to take the dose.


Remember you can book in for a free 15 minute chat if you are unsure about anything at all and I will endeavour to help you.


Homeopathic remedies are not instead of Emergency Services.

If you need EMERGENCY SERVICES then go immediately.


Initial Consultation : £130. $180. Eu165

75 minute session. 

Follow-up Consultation : £75. $110. Eu100.

45 minute session.

Acute Consultation : £42. $55. Eu47.

15 minute session.

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Initial Consultation.
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Follow-up Consultation.
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"I took the first pill last night just as I got into bed. The reaction was instant, really within seconds. I could feel a mild burning sensation in my chest, mainly at the thymus area but really from sternum to throat. It remained even as I fell asleep and is still there now. It feels great, like a herbal poultice applied from inside. I was not expecting such a physically powerful reaction!! I am quite shocked but very impressed :-) So I think your intuition on this has been very accurate. Thank you."

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