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Boost Your Milk Supply Naturally with Homeopathy

A mother’s milk is undoubtedly the best form of nutrition for a baby. It's recommended that babies are breastfed for the first six months after birth. However, sometimes a mother may struggle to produce enough milk, leading to concerns about her baby’s nutrition. Low breastmilk supply can be a common issue after a C-section or assisted delivery. Exhaustion, stress, premature delivery, obesity, high blood pressure, and other underlying health conditions can also lead to low milk supply.

Homeopathy offers gentle and effective remedies to increase breast milk production. These remedies are safe and effective, if you are unsure or have any questions please contact me so I can help.

Let’s explore my top 5 homeopathic remedies that can help boost milk supply:

  1. Pulsatilla: This remedy is effective when milk flow is scanty or absent. It's often accompanied by swollen, painful breasts and feelings of depression.

  2. Ricinus communis: Known for enhancing milk production and flow, this remedy is recommended in low potency for increasing breast milk.

  3. Galega Officinalis: Derived from the word ‘gala’ meaning milk, this medicine is beneficial for improving milk production and flow.

  4. Ignatia: Ideal for sensitive women experiencing shock or grief after childbirth, Ignatia helps regulate lactation and increase milk flow.

  5. Calcarea Phosphorica: Useful for scanty milk production along with headaches, heartburn, and rheumatic pain, this remedy also addresses shock post-childbirth.

Always read up about the remedies if you are home prescribing and try to ensure the whole remedy picture resonates with how you are feeling.

Alongside homeopathic treatment, certain lifestyle changes can further support milk production. Allowing babies to nurse on demand, especially at night when prolactin levels are higher, can aid in milk supply. Massaging the breasts with oil and ensuring proper hydration are also often helpful. It's important to differentiate between perceived signs of low milk supply and actual indicators. Signs like frequent nursing, lack of leaking milk, or softer breasts don't necessarily indicate low supply. Instead, check for factors like poor weight gain or insufficient wet diapers which are more reliable indicators.

Aside form the reasons listed above, various factors can contribute to low milk supply, including late breastfeeding initiation, improper latching, or medical conditions like hypothyroidism. Homeopathy addresses these underlying causes naturally, offering individualized solutions to support you whilst improving milk production.

Weaning - when is the right time?

This is a totally personal decision and everyone is different. Don't allow yourself to be bullied or shamed over stopping breastfeeding - own this decision!

Adjusting physically and emotionally to this change should be a gradual process and is easily supported using homeopathic remedies which can decrease your milk supply, relieving swelling and pain. Remedies include:

Lac caninum, Pulsatilla and Ricinus communis. Potency can make a big difference so contact me for more information regarding that.

Homeopathy provides safe and effective remedies to address low milk supply during breastfeeding and to support weaning when appropriate. Always remember to ask for help if you need it by booking a free chat or an acute consultation, I am very happy to support you and work with you.

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