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Chamomilla - 'I'll scream if you don't pick me up!'.

Updated: Oct 15, 2023

Then I'll carry on screaming! Chamomilla, a remedy picture of great intensity, is most often indicated during teething, a child requiring this remedy may leave parents completely exhausted. Your child may go from one person to another, desperate for comfort but so restless that no-one can satisfy them.

Although they want to be comforted, they are just as likely to be angry if you pick them up unless you keep moving. They love to be rocked but may also hit out in pure fury when agitated. They might carry on screaming and crying until so exhausted they eventually sleep.

Look out for the bright red cheek, swollen gums, sweaty head, aggravation between 9pm to midnight, greenish diarrhoea, oversensitive nature. Chamomilla is most often helpful in otitis, colic, recurrent rhinopharyngitis and fever.

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