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Food Glorious Food!

Updated: Oct 15, 2023

We are bombarded with information about what we should and should not eat. What I want to say regarding diet is simple. There are almost too many ideas out there for you to peruse however, the diet you need is one that works specifically for you and only for you. Talk to a nutritionist if you are unsure, but most people know what upsets their digestive system so follow your gut (!) instinct and eat a balanced diet that you enjoy with as much fresh produce as possible then add in plenty of gentle exercise in the fresh air when possible and your level of health will be raised.

Excluding foods isn't a blanket solution for everyone and should only be undertaken with guidance because you are unique! It is usually obvious if you have a particular intolerance and that is an important detail to discuss with your homeopath. If there is a deficiency - magnesium for example, then it is usually also quite easy to spot, you will have the signs of it in your physical response (cramps for example) so add in foods that are rich in magnesium. The answer is in you, listen to your body.

If you've got stuck with your gut health speak to me about how homeopathy can help. There are many wonderful homeopathic remedies to support you through many symptoms from IBS to constipation and more but the important thing is to remember that you are unique and one of the gentlest ways to health is through homeopathic constitutional prescribing. This is an approach which considers the whole of you, not just a single symptom. For example when a homeopath takes a full case history we ask dozens of questions about every aspect of your life - how do you sleep, how do respond to changes in the weather, what childhood illness did you have, are there any foods you crave and can't do with out...? Yes - this last one is really important.

Imagine you have a strong sugar craving so you consume sweet snacks several times through every day and you come to the homeopath because you keep getting infections which are really slow to heal and you can't seem to get rid of them. You guessed it -the sugar craving is a really important part of your case history but even more important is the deeper information underneath. Why do you have a sugar craving in the first place, what impact is it having on you, how does it fulfil a need in you and when did it start? Do you see that there is a direct impact on your health from this one aspect of your whole history because eating lots of sugar will alter your body chemistry making it more difficult for you to fight off infections yet it is a choice you have made for a reason and it is an important detail your homeopath will look into with you.

I hope this has enabled you to understand better how homeopathy works. Come and talk to me if you have issues around your gut health today. Love your food!

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