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Help to Heal Broken bones with Homeopathy

Updated: Oct 15, 2023

Help to Heal Broken bones with Homeopathy

If you suspect your child has a fracture, a crack or a break in a bone. Do not move the affected part and apply ice as soon as possible. You may not see obvious signs other than extreme pain and tenderness. Usually there will be immediate swelling and the limb may look distorted. Your child may be in shock, so at this stage, on the way to hospital you may want to give Aconite and / or Arnica if you have it with you.

Once your child has been seen by a medic and the fracture has been set you can give the following remedies:


Every two hours until the initial shock and pain have lessened. Give a 200c if you have it but 30c is also fine.


Can be given in a low potency (6x or 6c) two or three times daily for several weeks until the bone is well on the mend. Note! Do not give this remedy if you suspect the bone is not completely satisfactorily set because it is a very efficient remedy and lives up to its common name of ‘Bone knit’. Make sure any breaks are aligned correctly before giving.


If the injury is in a particularly nerve-rich area or there is sharp shooting pain. Give as required.


This remedy is brilliant as a follow-on from Arnica and will further reduce any inflammation. If the tender area is cold or if there is also a puncture wound or pain from sutures if surgery was required, this is a valuable remedy.


Helpful if there is ongoing deep aching pain in the bone or for chronic weakness after an injury. Consider Ruta when the joint is also injured.

Calc Phos, Calc Fleur and Ferrum Phos

Taken as Tissue Salts in combination are a great support to the tissues mending and can be taken for many weeks as an additional support.

If you have any questions or are finding that musculoskeletal issues keep arising in your child, seek professional help. If you would like to speak to me please book a free 15 minute discovery call here.

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