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Helpful Hip Tips

Updated: Oct 15, 2023

Alongside regular homeopathic treatment the single best thing you can do to help yourself with arthritis is to mobilise! Use it or lose it - that old saying - because joints require good blood supply in order to function well and movement is key.

Here are my four top tips to stretch and mobilise your hips!

First of all, do five minutes of gentle walking to warm your body.


Start with the leg you’ll stretch in front of you so you don’t arch your back before you’ve even begun. Take the stretches as far as they start to “bite” in the muscle, hold them for 10secs, then breathe out whilst trying to visualise the muscle relaxing. If you feel it relax, take the stretch to the next “biting-point” for a few seconds before relaxing back to a comfy position.

Make it part of your routine for best results, perhaps as part of your warm up and down. Perform 2 of each stretch on each leg when you are warmed up so your muscles are more elastic and will fully benefit from the stretch.

Start with a Quad stretch

Then a Lunge stretch – keep your low back nice and straight whilst tightening your core muscles to gently brace the abdomen, this helps with stability.

Hip hitches

Standing with one foot on the edge of your bottom step on your stairs, or, standing with one knee slightly bent so that you are balanced on the other leg - ensure you are holding something stable to provide support for balance. Raise the hip of the non-standing leg up as high as you can without twisting your pelvis. then slowly lower back down, ensuring the opposite leg stays straight throughout the set. Repeat a couple of times then change legs.

Reverse lunge

Keep your hips level and forward facing. Shift you weight onto one leg whilst sliding the other leg backwards. Take your leg as far back as you can whilst maintaining your balance, a straight back and your hips and pelvis level. Push yourself back to an upright position using the buttock muscles of the forward facing leg. Breath in as you slide back, breath out as you push yourself back up. Perform 2 set of 5-10 repetitions with good technique. If you struggle with balance use one hand to touch a wall/chair. Only take your leg back as far as you can comfortably balance and push yourself back up.

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