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Homeopathy and Hormonal Imbalance

Here is my approach to Hormone Balance. How does a Homeopath make a difference? I will explain here.

Hormones are complex in that they are responsible for how we feel. When you receive some bad news or suffer a shock for example, the sympathetic nerve fibres of our autonomic nervous system are activated, leading to a flood of hormones being released from the Endocrine system. This important system which influences every cell and function in our body, is made up of glands which produce hormones – our body’s chemical messengers.

Most people will recognise their triggers: a simple traffic hold up leading to indignation or anger (road rage), some shocking news on the TV that makes you weep, stage fright when you have to stand up in a meeting and appear confident – for example, but many people will not, and this in itself can be frightening. Sometimes we get stuck in this over-reaction response leading to functional changes in the delicate balance of our body.

Functional changes in the Thyroid for instance can come about due to infection, inflammation, tumour growth, autoimmune disease, medication, problems at birth, pregnancy, iodine deficiency, pituitary disorder etc etc. So in these situations, how does the role of the Homeopath differ to that of the medic?

The approach of the homeopath is very different to that of conventional medicine where we see mainly the imposition of artificial hormonal supplementation, however, consider what this does…? We are allowing our mood to be artificially controlled by medication but sadly, we are not addressing the cause of the disfunction. Whilst this is great news for your local pharmacist, it is not in the long term an answer to your problem.

What I do using homeopathy, is address the root cause, why did your body get thrown off course, why are you producing tumours, fibroids etc? This can take time, but you and I are in it for the long term health benefits. I will take you back to the situation before the issues arose, get to know you well enough to recognise your triggers and address your healing from the inside – out.

So, if you recognise signs of imbalance, a terrible, black, heavy, irritable mood just prior to the menstrual period, that feeling of being ‘on alert’ all the time, or the opposite, sheer exhaustion and weariness, allow me to help you.

I ask my hormonal patients (I see many with PCOS), to fill in a comprehensive questionnaire before the consultation which is designed to measure where in the body there is imbalance. At the first consultation you will be given a course of treatment which is completely unique to you – no protocols.

I could list here some of the major homeopathic remedies which might help you but that would be a waste of your precious time. You will benefit most from the support of a professional, you will leave the consultation knowing the plan ahead and you will have been truly heard. Don’t waste any more time, book in with me today and let’s get you started on that journey to better health!

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