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How to Combat the Hangover from Hell!

Updated: Oct 15, 2023

So you over did it.... bad luck, but I'm here to help with my top 5 remedies for your hangover.

I’m making this blog in extra large lettering so you can discern more easily through the fog of your particular hangover symptoms. I’ll keep it short.

Non-Homeopathic Common Sense Advice:

First of all, fill a large bottle (no more alcohol! Hair of the dog will give you a temporary lift but the cumulative effect will make you feel far worse later on!) and drink plenty of extra water (coconut water is excellent). Sip your water frequently until your urine is a nice pale yellow.

Have a nice bland snack – I’ve heard that pickled veg is great but personally I’m really not sure I could face that…….Whole foods which contain vitamin B6 such as chickpeas (reach for the hummus), eggs, potatoes, salmon will help to support your adrenal function. Ginger in your fermented kombucha smoothy will give you a boost if you feel nauseous but you can also gain great relief from the following homeopathic remedies!

Homeopathy to lift you!

Nux Vomica: No 1 for the hangover from hell. The whole nervous system is IRRITABLE! You may feel chilly, unable to bear any noises, smells or any interference from other people. You may even be really angry if approached – the proper ‘bear with the sore head’ syndrome. Headache feels really toxic and can feel like there’s a nail driven into your head. Stomach will feel sensitive to pressure, you may have flatulence (farting) and heartburn, nausea and a sour taste in your mouth.

Ipecacuanha: The picture here is more depressed, dejected and hard to please. Like Nux Vom there is an intolerance of noise but the main keynote is NAUSEA. The headache is throbbing, crushed or bruised in nature. Stomach has a sinking sensation with violent clutching, cramps. If you are sick, I’m sorry you won’t feel better for it. The nausea is constant. Your mouth will be producing lots of saliva and you will be much better for fresh air.

Arsenicum Album: With this remedy you may find yourself cleaning the kitchen or bathroom – anything to keep moving! If you are moaning and groaning too because you are sure you might die then this remedy is for you! The stomach symptoms are likely to be burning, a raw feeling in your stomach, vomiting thick greenish mucus after drinking water. Heartburn and diarrhoea. You really won’t be able to stand the sight or smell of food. Your mouth will taste metallic, sour, hot and dry. Get to bed!

Pulsatilla: This remedy picture is always sorry for itself….emotional and probably tearful, someone will have had to pick you up off the edge of the kerb and walk you home. Pulsatilla is oversensitive to pain and your stomach will feel heavy with lots of nauseous belching. After vomiting you will feel better (unlike Ipecac), especially if someone is there to hold and clean the bucket! Unfortunately for the person caring for you, your breath will smell dreadful, you will have lots of sweetish saliva. Definitely better for fresh air – get the window open!

Carbo Vegetabilis: The Carbo Veg hangover is much darker in mood to the others listed here. Vitality is very low, you may feel indifferent to everything and completely sluggish. Your abdomen will feel distended and sensitive. You loathe the very thought of food. When you burp its proper rancid and sour but you feel much better for each escape of putrid air! Your breath feels cold. The feeling in your stomach is of heaviness and fullness. You may feel worse from warmth.

DOSE: Take a few pills of your indicated remedy in a cup of water. Stir and sip every 10 to 15 minutes. Rest and don’t forget to stay well hydrated.

Now I don’t mean to make light of these clearly distressing symptoms so apologies if I have offended anyone. Don’t forget that you don’t have to feel every symptom listed – just get a general feeling of which one is right for you. It really helps to have someone else’s opinion because you will find it difficult to read the blog and you will not want to admit perhaps just how offensive you might be to your nearest and dearest right now but take my advice and do take theirs.


If you really can’t cope or think you have alcohol poisoning, (severely slurred speech, loss of co-ordination, irregular breathing, or if you pass out) call emergency services, contact your Doctor or get someone to take you to Urgent Care. Feel better soon!

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