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Plantar Warts (Verrucas) and Homeopathy

Updated: Oct 15, 2023

Have you tried all the brutal methods of external removal?

Now try homeopathy, holistic healing from the inside, out.

Warts of any kind can be embarrassing, itchy and painful. Verrucas (Plantar Warts) can be particularly troublesome as they can spread so easily, particularly if your skin is wet.

Warts are caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV), (there are around 130 types affecting different parts of the body) and it’s important to realise that not everyone contracts them on exposure. As with all disease there must be a susceptibility or weakness in the immune system that allows the virus to flourish. That’s why its always best to seek professional advice about how to proceed. You may remove the superficial skin response but the root cause may not resolve so often the problem will reappear again and again until you do. In homeopathy it is far better to try Constitutional Prescribing.

What is Constitutional Prescribing using Homeopathy?

Constitutional treatment takes into account the whole person, unlike a therapeutic (external) approach which can be suppressive. Constitutional prescribing gets to the root of the issues - why are the warts there in the first place…. skin pathology is so often indicative of a deeper disturbance in the body and the skin is often the safest way for the body to express it. Therefore if you cauterise warts they do tend to come back or come out in another place because the dis-ease in the body has not been addressed. I have found that the best way to address warts of all types is to give a constitutional remedy even if it doesn’t appear to specifically target the wart. If I’m aiming to treat the whole person and perhaps a more serious deeper issue then the warts often disappear as part of that process.

Plantar Warts (Verrucas)

Not to be confused with the soft, watery, fleshy warts on the body of Molluscum which require different remedies, Plantar warts most often appear on the feet, are hard, and have multiple black specks in the centre. They can be particularly painful as they affect the pressure points on the soles of the feet.

With a plantar wart it’s essential to keep the foot really dry. A wipe with apple cider vinegar or surgical spirit can help daily with this. The number one wart remedy Thuja works quickly in around 35% of cases but usually constitutional treatment is needed. Other top wart remedies to look at are listed below. Do consider asking your homeopath for advice at this stage.

Keynotes of the important remedies (remember this is only the tip of the iceberg, if these don’t look right, or if you want to be sure of a more holistic approach please ask for help)

Remedies listed in alphabetical order:

Antimonium Crud

The warts

Hardened warts, like the consistency of horn, or smooth flat warts, can have ulceration around the area, dry skin, burning, itching , often thick hardened skin with cracks


Better – open air, moist warmth, rest, loves food & eating

Worse – cold bathing, cold water, dampness, heat of the sun, averse to touch, vinegar

Emotional picture

Quiet, soft, sensitive, emotional, peevish, excessively irritable, emotions often felt in stomach, sulky, weepy, impressionable, sentimental, cannot be looked at or touched, sadness, disgust for life


The warts

Patches of warts, seedy, large, pedunculated (protruding), flat or ulcerated, sensitive, bleed easily, itchy


Better – damp weather, washing, warmth of bed, cold drinks, gentle motion

Worse – fine dry weather, winds, extremes of temperature, darkness, exertion, from suppressed eruptions, 4pm, chilly and worse from cold

Emotional picture

Sincere, intense, idealistic, sensitive, excitable, compulsive, perfectionist, huge empathy for others and animals, cannot tolerate injustice, OCD, anticipatory anxiety, holds grudges


The warts

Smooth, flat warts, larger, more fleshy


Better – external warmth, dry weather,

Worse – cold damp weather, being chilled while hot, getting wet, cold feet, sweating, rest, suppressed eruptions (prior cautorisation)

Emotional picture

Rather domineering, larger than life in stature and nature, restless, impatient, irritable, haughty, quarrelsome but not angry, dullness

Natrum Mur

The warts

Very sensitive warts, sensitive to pressure, skin dry, chapped, itching, crusty, painful


Better – open air, cool bathing, sweating, rubbing, by the sea

Worse – sunlight, heat of sun , by the seaside, summer, damp, talking, consolation, touch, pressure, 9-11am

Emotional picture

Reserved, sensitive, introverted, romantic, perfectionist, closed, over responsible, too serious, ailments from grief and disappointment, averse to consolation, sadness but cannot weep

Nitric Acid

The warts

Many warts, either extremely painful (like a splinter) or painless, moist, itchy, bleed easily, can be cauliflower shaped.


Better – steady pressure, motion, mild weather

Worse – touch, jarring, shock, noise, cold air, damp, hot weather, heat of bed, loss of sleep

Emotional picture

Anxiety about health, Pessimistic, holds a grudge, fear of death, can be vindictive, deeply selfish, irritable when spoken to, headstrong


The warts

Large fleshy warts, multiple warts, skin easily becomes infected, feet often sweat, also susceptible to fungal infections


Better – warmth, wrapping up, summer,

Worse – Cold air, drafts, uncovering, washing, pressure, suppressed perspiration, night,

Emotional picture

Anxiety, timidity, lacks self confidence, worried about undertaking new things, conscientious about details, yielding but also obstinate, delicate and refined


The warts

Sensitive to touch, painful, dry warts, skin won’t heal, biting pain, itchy,


Better – at night, warmth, from rest

Worse – least touch, new moon, after anger, after grief

Emotional picture

Indignation – why me? Shame, emotional outbursts, morbidly sensitive, suppressed anger, grief, self-pity


The warts

Rapidly growing warts, often large, broad-based, conical shaped, Red, brown warts


Better - pressure, rubbing, scratching, warmth, air

Worse – damp, cold, night, heat of bed, left side, periodically, after suppression

Emotional picture

Introverted, thinks they are ugly or unclean, feeling of fragility

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