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Pulsatilla - Clinging with sweetness and easy tears...

Updated: Jul 4

The Pulsatilla child loves to be close to a parent. It’s the first call remedy for separation anxiety. Picture the child unable to let go of Mum or Dad’s leg at the gates of school – that’s Pulsatilla! Emotional sensitivity and shyness, sweetness and an affectionate nature are keynotes of this plant-based remedy. However, there is often a demanding side to the Pulsatilla child, they can sometimes be quite insistent and even jealous.

Often indicated for colds where the catarrh is thick, yellowy / green, conjunctivitis, coughs, cystitis, earache, sticky eyes etc. The Pulsatilla child is much worse in a hot stuffy room and feels better with a window thrown wide open.

If you need some advice about home prescribing for your family, or if you think you might benefit from an acute consultation, give me a call for a free 15 minute chat through my website.

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