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Pulsatilla - Clinging with sweetness and easy tears...

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

The Pulsatilla child loves to be close to a parent. It’s the first call remedy for separation anxiety. Picture the child unable to let go of Mum or Dad’s leg at the gates of school – that’s Pulsatilla! Emotional sensitivity and shyness, sweetness and an affectionate nature are keynotes of this plant-based remedy. However, there is often a demanding side to the Pulsatilla child, they can sometimes be quite insistent and even jealous. They often cry until given full attention and tend to be moany and whiney.

Often indicated for colds where the catarrh is thick, yellowy / green, conjunctivitis, coughs, cystitis, earache, sticky eyes etc. There is a lack of thirst, they tend to be worse early evening, better for gentle motion, stomachs get upset from rich and fatty foods, in coughs there is catarrh of the throat, the veins can be distended, throat is bluish / red, the pains are stinging in nature and worse for swallowing saliva.

The Pulsatilla child is much worse in a hot stuffy room and feels better with a window thrown wide open.

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