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The Remedy Picture Explained.

Updated: Oct 15, 2023

What is the Remedy Picture?

One of the reasons Homeopathy is so amazing is because it treats the whole person! Let me explain.

If I was asked to give a remedy for three children who all had measles for example, they might all have the typical symptoms such as fever, photophobia, grey/white spots inside the mouth etc but, each child would be experiencing the illness in their own unique way.

Child 1 might be anxious and clingy and unable to be left by mum or dad for a moment . Child 2 might be extremely irritable and want to be left alone. Child 3 might have a fever that you can feel when you enter the room! So, although each child has measles - each one will respond to a totally different medicine because homeopathy takes into account the whole person and all the symptoms which are particularly characteristic to them.

Funnily enough we are often ill in the same way all our lives with themes (emotionally) and sensations (when we experience pain) that recur and the job of a homeopath, when they take a full case history, is to find the essence or the characteristics of that person.

So, to sum up, when I recommend Pulsatilla for a stuffy cold that's worse at night, it would work best with a clingy, timid natured child with heavy greenish mucus whereas Nux Vomica tends to be more robust and irritable, really stuffy nose at night but streaming through the day when poorly. I hope this helps you understand more about the wonders of homeopathy!

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