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Testimonial : enjoying health and a new baby!

Rachel - London

Female patient, 26 weeks pregnant - "I am utterly delighted that a colleague suggested I meet with Ann; I'd had a recurrent, horrible cough for about five years and was starting to feel really quite desperate. Unfortunately, conventional medicine had nothing to offer me, despite several visits to several doctors. Ann's manner put me immediately at ease, and I found it incredibly easy to communicate with her. She was warm and encouraging, and had an extraordinary gift to ask very pertinent questions - I felt as though she understood what was going on straight away. A couple of days after starting the remedy Ann chose for me, my cough cleared up and has stayed away since. Words cannot express how relieved I am, and my husband is very thankful not to be kept awake every night by his spluttering wife!" I'd highly recommend Ann to anyone who needs a fresh and intelligent approach to an ongoing issue. 

Testimonial : sleepless nights....

Julie - Berkhamsted

At 1st Consultation - Male, 18 months old, has only slept 10 nights since birth. The child's mother recounts that her son has been suffering with reflux, severe colic, insomnia and painful teething. After receiving a series of constitutional homeopathic remedies here are his mother's words "My son is now a content, lively little boy and finally out of pain, He has slept through the last nine nights and is playful and happy in the day. He is off all remedies now. Can't thank you enough for the help you've given us."

Testimonial : great improvement

Mrs. G. 


Female patient in her 90's - "I have been having homeopathic remedies in conjunction with some medical help. I have experienced a great improvement in my health and feel so much stronger and positive in my outlook. It is so good to know that these are natural remedies and can be relied upon with no side effects".

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