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PMT & Menstrual Issues

Updated: Oct 15, 2023

Are there mood swings and pain on a monthly basis is your house ? If so, for those pesky menstrual issues, homeopathy is a brilliant support. In fact I would go so far as to say that home prescribing in this area can be so beneficial that it not only helps in the immediate 'acute' crisis, but the remedies, accurately chosen, can have a really long lasting effect on subsequent cycles so this is a great way to get into using remedies if you never have before.

As homeopaths we take into account the whole picture always but if you are looking for acute pain relief from heavy painful periods have a look at the remedies in the image. Look at the whole picture, what makes you feel better or worse and what your menstrual flow is like.

For example, Sepia is perfect for irregular, inconsistent, periods where the young woman can often feel faint, chilly and shaky.

There is a feeling of heaviness with Sepia, as if everything is falling out of the body.

Sepia is worse for consolation and feels worn out.

In contrast, the remedy Pulsatilla, although also well indicated for irregular periods, tends to be better used when the flow is more profuse in the day when walking.

The flow can also be scanty, dark, thick.

Pain is worse lying down. There is weepiness.

Nux Vomica tends to have early, prolonged flow, black blood with fainting spells. Pains cause her to double up and cry. There is irritability and impatience.

Mag Phos is the first remedy to think of when the pains are like colic - spasmodic, better for heat, better for bending over, better as the flow gets going. The period tends to start early and blood is dark and tarry.

Cimicifuga Racemosa has the opposite to Mag Phos in that the pain gets worse with the flow which is profuse, irregular, coagulated or scanty with backache. Cimic pains are across the pelvis from hip to hip and there is gloom and dejection as if there were a black cloud over everything.

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