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Welcome to my website!
Join me, Ann Lovatt - Registered Homeopath and Mindfulness Leader, as you optimise your journey towards a healthier life.
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Classical Homeopathy

Meet Ann Lovatt

BSc Hons, BA Hons, RSHom


Meet Ann Lovatt

BSc Hons, BA Hons, RSHom

Homeopath & Mindfulness Practitioner
Welcome to my website! I am a Hertfordshire homeopath registered with the Society of Homeopaths and practise under the guidance of their strict Code of Ethics and Practice. Offering individualised treatment online worldwide, I am fully qualified and comprehensively insured. 

I am a passionate user and prescriber of homeopathic medicine. It originally helped me when I was pregnant with my two children. Supporting families with new-borns or where children suffer from behavioural and emotional disorders, women's hormonal issues, in particular PCOS, (including the wide range of hormonal implications around that diagnosis), and arthritis are at the core of my practise. I also work with all ages supporting mental and emotional health, recognizing that this lies at the heart of most physical pathology.


I also support mental health and wellbeing through my music and mindfulness practice. Click on the video link below for 'Breathe', its a lovely way to incorporate 4 minutes of calm into your day. Find out more about me on the 'More about Ann' page.

I look forward to helping you improve your health and meeting with you soon.

Client Testimonial

"Ann's manner put me immediately at ease, and I found it incredibly easy to communicate with her. She was warm and encouraging, and had an extraordinary gift to ask very pertinent questions -I felt as those she understood what was going on straight away. I'd highly recommend Ann to anyone who needs a fresh and intelligent approach to an
ongoing issue."


I have experienced a great improvement in my health and feel so much stronger and positive in my outlook.

Two new ebooks!

I am extremely proud and excited to have collaborated on three new ebooks! If you have an interest in Homeopathy for first aid, you will find some valuable and interesting tips in the book for Babies and Toddlers  - although you can of course apply this to adults too. Also you will see the Homeopathy for Arthritis ebook and the Homeopathy for kids ebook, both are full of useful information, remedy tips and advice. Just click on the book titles below to join the groups and receive  your free download.

Meet Ann

Panic Attacks and Anxiety - Coming soon!

Navigate to the Courses section of this website you will find a short course on how to manage and bring under control your panic attacks and anxiety. The course teaches you all you need to know about how to recognise and understand exactly what is happening in your body. You will learn about the main homeopathic remedies to address your symptoms and how to recognise which ones you as an individual will most benefit from at any given moment. You will learn Mindful techniques which will transform your life and I will introduce you to the wonders of Feng Shui with the expert guidance of Lorraine Lawton. Don't waste a moment, register your interest by contacting me now!

Natural defences

Good health is about maintaining a balance unique to each individual. We are lucky in the UK to live in an environment of plenty where we have awareness of the importance of good nutrition, fitness and hygiene. Most of the time our bodies do an incredible job keeping us healthy and strong despite the pressures of modern life. However, holding on to optimum health can be challenging and to this end we are continually striving to help nature along the way. We all need support occasionally, that's probably why you are reading this.

Shouting for help

When symptoms appear, a homeopath interprets these as a signal from the body that it is trying to throw off or express 'dis-ease'. Sometimes our symptoms shout out, we can be overcome by them. On other occasions they creep up on us over time, we can be too busy even to notice. Homeopaths respect the significance and absolute uniqueness of symptoms, mental, emotional and physical. The homeopathic system of natural healthcare aims to address the underlying cause of your symptoms, encouraging and supporting the body as quickly as possible through its own vital healing process. The 200 years of philosophy behind the practise of homeopathy advises that symptoms should never be disregarded or suppressed. 

A unified and common sense approach

I believe Homeopathy to be a complementary, not an alternative approach. Homeopathy and conventional treatments can work well together. Integration and cooperation between all healthcare practitioners, is the sensible and holistic approach. If you would like to learn more about the life of the eminent German Physician Samuel Hahnemann 1755-1843 who founded the practise of homeopathy you may enjoy reading 'The Power of Vision', Life of Samuel Hahnemann, by Catherine R. Coulter, available from

Why Homeopathy is so important today

Despite a better awareness of the importance of healthy eating and exercise, we are a world bombarded with processed foods and passive forms of leisure. Children are taken everywhere by car, are placed under great pressure to succeed at school, and have little time or freedom to play outside in the fresh air. We are facing a sensory overload from an early age as entertainment is only a click away. The result of our 'plugged in' lives is that we become tuned out and disconnected from ourselves and lack face to face interaction with other people. Homeopathy approaches health in a holistic way. Emotional, mental and physical problems are considered of equal value in our healthcare system.

Your healthy immune system

Symptoms of important minor childhood illnesses which play an essential role in building up the immune system are often quickly suppressed today with liquid paracetamol and antibiotics. Sometimes pressures of work make it too difficult to allow a child sufficient recovery time from illness at home, resting and sleeping. Children can tend towards anxiety and depression, sometimes becoming withdrawn or overtly attention seeking. Sleep problems, migraines and eating disorders are commonly seen. Adults too, will often return to work far before they are sufficiently recovered from illness. Life in overdrive, the modern condition - there are times when we all need a little extra support.


Responsible, considered, and safe

The proper prescribing of a Homeopathic remedy is based upon acute and precise observations. Time is given to the individual in order that he or she is fully understood and a full personal medical and family medical history is taken. Every question put to a patient has a relevance and purpose helping the homeopath discover why a person becomes ill in their own particular way. Homeopathic remedies are gentle and non-toxic.


Under the supervision of a qualified homeopath remedies can be safely taken during pregnancy, by babies, children and adults of all ages. For those of you who doubt that homeopathy can have an immediate effect I have a short testimonial from a patient sent to me by email which is self explanatory.

"I took the first pill last night just as I got into bed. The reaction was instant, really within seconds. I could feel a mild burning sensation in my chest, mainly at the thymus area but really from sternum to throat. It remained even as I fell asleep and is still there now. It feels great, like a herbal poultice applied from inside. I was not expecting such a physically powerful reaction!! I am quite shocked but very impressed :-) So I think your intuition on this has been very accurate. Thank you."

Why Naturopathy

Client Testimonials

38 Weeks Pregnant with debilitating, intense, nausea - cannot function or eat at all. Immediate response to the prescription is as follows:

"I feel amazing!!! It’s like the stomach stuff never happened. It’s also greatly reduced my upper back pain. I am going to keep the water bottle (of the remedy) next to my bedside in case anything strikes at night.


I felt so improved I was able to drink a full glass of water and eat a cheese stick. Now I just have this headache which I’m sure will fade as I slowly rehydrate and have a small meal tonight. Thank you so much!

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