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Use it or Lose it! Keeping your joints tip top.

Updated: Oct 15, 2023

You may or not know that alongside my job as a registered homeopath, I have another passion, (I am a Gemini after all!) as a professional violinist and mindfulness practitioner. Today I want to share with you the joy and practical use of music and learning an instrument if you suffer from chronic pain.

Practising an instrument exercises the smaller joints of the hands, strengthen the muscles and promotes good blood supply to the tendons and of course above all, music soothes the soul bringing us to an awareness of beauty in the world.

If you don't own an instrument, why not have a look for a keyboard in your local charity shops, they are often to be seen tucked away on a shelf going for a song! Spend some time exploring some sounds - have some 'me' time!

My gift to you today is a recommendation of something inspiring to listen to. Its from an album of piano music by Claude Debussy performed by the virtuoso Daniel Barenboim. Born in France in 1862, Debussy is quite simply one of the greatest composers who ever lived. Debussy sadly died young of cancer but the legacy he left us is quite astonishing. Search YouTube for Daniel Barenboim playing Clair de Lune as a taster. Its a masterpiece of art and I hope will bring you a moment of peace and wonder today.

If this wets your appetite, go on to listen to the Girl with the Flaxen hair and Nocturne Op.9 No2 - in fact all the Nocturnes

If you are interested in Music and Mindfulness and want to hear some music I wrote myself, follow the link her:

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