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Easter Bunny Blues!

Updated: Oct 15, 2023

Anyone out there with tummy ache from eating too many Easter eggs? Here are my top 5 remedies with just keynotes:

Lycopodium if there's bloating and uncomfortable wind. Worse around 4pm and irritable!

Pulsatilla: a clingy, needing comfort picture with a lack of thirst and better with the window open for fresh air.

Nux Vomica for an irritable picture and cramping pains.

Colocynthis: when the pain is severe enough to double you up. Much better for warmth - a hot water bottle to the area. (Mag Phos is also better for heat)

Bryonia: Sharp pains, better for staying completely still, dry mouth and a thirst for cold liquids. Sometimes some constipation too.

Oops that's 6 remedies! There are others but I hope this might be helpful for those Easter bunny over-indulgences.

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