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Homeopathy after surgery

Updated: Oct 15, 2023

Remedies after surgery in brief! Homeopathic remedies can be extremely helpful for pain relief and can help with rapid healing.

Aconite for fear and anxiety before or after the procedure. Panic attacks afterwards.

Arnica straight after surgery for inflammation and bruising. Pains are worse for jarring or motion. Brilliant in orthopedic and plastic surgery.

Bellis Perennis for the deeper soft tissues, liver, spleen, uterus – also follows Arnica well. After hysterectomy or laparoscopy.

Bryonia for extreme pain where any movement causes nausea. Extreme thirst. Appendicitis and orthopedic surgeries.

Calendula to aid healing particularly when the incision is oozy or shows signs of infection,

Hypericum for injury to nerves. Shooting sharp pains. Useful after eye, tongue, genital or bladder surgery.

Ledum for swollen and infected wounds where there is often a sensation of cold at the site.

Nux Vomica to restore bowel function after powerful painkillers (constipation). Irritability after surgery accompanied by chills.

Phosphorous if you suffer after-effects from the anaesthetic such as nausea & vomiting. Also helpful if there is great fear of surgery. Hemorrhage or any excessive bleeding after surgery.

Ruta Great after Joint surgery to help heal the fibrous tissues & tendons.

Staphysagria if things didn’t go to plan and there is anger. A red and sensitive wound. Incisional pain and wounds that are slow to heal. Urethral procedures and episiotomy.

Symphytum ‘Boneknit’ Wonderful for bone healing after a bone has been surgically set.

How to dose:

When the body has suffered an extreme event like a surgical incision, it is a good idea to repeat remedies several times whilst you feel they continue to support you. You can go higher in potency than you might normally for the remedies which address trauma to the body. If a remedy doesn't help, change the remedy choice. If in doubt contact me for advice.

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