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Sunstroke, Dehydration and Sunburn

Updated: Oct 15, 2023

Sunstroke, dehydration and heat exhaustion. My Top Remedies.

Its tempting to get out in the sun as soon as it appears, it has the added feel-good factor of allowing us to be more sociable with friends, taking part in activities outside and the warmth makes our joints move more easily along with many other benefits.

The down-side of course is the effort we need to make in order to avoid being sunburnt because this can lead to long term skin damage and at worst Melanoma. After sun creams will not have any effect on damaged DNA, please be sensible in the sun.

According to the British Journal Dermatology (2001) and the Journal of Dermatology, Surgery & Oncology (1983), a risk for melanoma doubles after more than five sunburns in adulthood but blistering in childhood or adolescence more than doubles the chances of it developing later in life. It is sobering, remember that maxim – Slip / Slop / Slap – or just avoid prolonged exposure to the sun and remember to use your common sense.

Wear a hat and protect your eyes with a good pair of sunglasses, cover areas like shoulders where it is so easy to get burnt.

Symptoms of Sunstroke can include headaches, a feeling of heat in the head, and very dry skin.

Heat exhaustion which has a similar symptom picture can also be extremely debilitating. You may also see excessive sweating and weakness.

Besides rest for at least 24hrs, electrolyte replacement and re-hydration, you may want to use cold compresses after sunstroke or heatstroke. See my blog – ‘Water? Isn’t that what you put in your whisky’ for some facts on just how important that is.

Take a look at the homeopathic remedies below which will also support your recovery. Try to fit your symptoms to the best remedy but remember it doesn’t have to be an absolutely perfect fit.


Sudden onset and great intensity, often a severe headache and photophobia. Pupils can be constricted and there can be a feeling of cold waves passing through the body.


Expect to see a very red flushed face accompanied by a throbbing headache. There is tremendous heat in the body and great sensitivity to being jarred.


The best remedy for dehydration, debility, exhaustion, apathy and oversensitivity in general.

Carbo Vegetabilis

A picture of collapse with fainting and weakness. Often the patient becomes very cold and clammy and nausea & diarrhoea are common.


A feeling of shakiness, trembling and weakness with a tendency to vertigo. A dull, heavy headache with heavy eyes, can feel like there’s a band round the occiput (the back of the skull). The face can be flushed.


This is a more severe picture with violent head pain, throbbing sensations, a flushed face, vertigo and drowsiness. A feeling of flushes of heat arising from the chest, hot dry skin and frequent urination.


Severe left sided headache with chilliness and weakness. The feet can be cold. Particular sensitivity to tight clothing.

Natrum Carbonicum

Confusion, a heavy, dull, severe headache with weakness and vertigo. Heat with perspiration over the whole body but a feeling of sudden chilliness.


Redness, itchiness and a feeling of heat.

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