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Arthritis, Acute or Chronic.

Updated: Oct 15, 2023

Knowing when to home prescribe – Acute and Chronic pathology.

The use of home prescribed ‘Acute’ Homeopathy in arthritic joint disease can provide a window of relief where function is improved and medical interventions are avoided. This is particularly true where the symptoms are largely inflammatory rather than structural in their presentation, ie earlier in the disease process. Nonetheless, even advanced joint disease can improve with the correct guidance over time. So how do you know when to treat your symptoms at home in an Acute situation and when the situation is considered Chronic?

First of all it’s important understand the difference between an acute and a chronic episode. In arthritis we must also understand that although there are often episodes of ‘acute’ flare-ups, this is a condition which is by nature deeply ‘chronic’ and the flare up is actually part of the chronic picture and, in the longer term, constitutional prescribing, which goes to a much deeper level in the patient, will eventually be required to facilitate long term progress.

The good news is that homeopathy is really easy for you to use at home in an ‘Acute’ flare-up situation! Homeopathy is safe, natural, and with a little help to understand how to note the nature of symptoms, you can do a great deal to help yourself or your family through acute flare or episode of pain. A homeopathy home kit is a great investment and they come with an easy to navigate booklet describing all you need to know to address most situations.

So, what is the difference between Acute and Chronic?

To understand the concept of an acute or a chronic illness, think in terms of duration. An ‘Acute’ comes on suddenly and usually self resolves within a relatively short time span. In a case of a joint disease flare-up you may be experiencing rapid onset of pain, restricted movement, swelling, itch, mood change or a sudden exacerbation of your longer term overall symptom picture.

If you have been poorly for less than a couple of weeks then you can safely select remedies from your kit and discover the wonder of homeopathy for yourself. On this group site you will find a great deal of information to help you with acute home prescribing and we welcome hearing and supporting your outcomes in our warm and welcoming community.

If you decide to home prescribe…

When home prescribing in a sudden attack or flare up of joint disease the most important consideration is to understand the modalities. What makes the symptom better or worse – modalities relating to heat and cold are particularly significant here. It is not necessary to resort to powerful anti-inflammatory medication if the choice of homeopathic support is well chosen.

It is also essential to manage our expectations and although an acute flare-up should respond in a short time span, even modest progress must be seen as hopeful and as part of the longer term goal. In short, do try remedies at home in episodes which come on suddenly but do this in the knowledge that any progress you have in the short term will give a professional homeopath incredibly useful information in order to help you in the longer term.

We’ve got you!

Sometimes you may feel too poorly to self prescribe, you may feel overwhelmed, exhausted or in too much pain. In these circumstances you can book an acute appointment direct with one of our team, or, go to the Homeopathy 247 website where there is a homeopath on duty 24 hours daily. We have you covered!

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